Travel in New York: Where to See the Fireworks of 4th July

New York City, often called the center of the universe, exudes energy, ambition and desire to live from every angle. Here we share our travel memories in New York City where we dwell to speak of the beauty of this metropolis, with its skyscrapers and shopping on Fifth Avenue. That's NYC that everyone can see, made of buildings and roads, but THIS will read now as my NYC.

Beyond my personal experience, a memory that I will keep forever and that certainly in the future will push me to get back in the Big City, I decided to write this blog guide, not so much to illustrate my trip, but to give some personal advice to anyone who will decide in the future to organize a trip to NY. Especially for those who, like me, will stay in town for only a week, and in fact, it is crucial to be prepared and be able to take advantage of every possible moment, to cushion the most of the dead time, if you know already know how to move.

A few days ago I returned from a week's holiday in New York. It was probably the best trip I've done in my life. It was truly unique and rewarding, in a city of a thousand faces and a thousand souls, who live together and complement going to create something special and inimitable. A particular place, where they seem to have already been, for as many times as we have seen on TV or in the movies, and in which you feel immediately at ease.

In spite of the perpetual motion swarming through the streets, the immense skyscrapers and the kaleidoscope of lights, sounds and smells in which you are immersed. A city to be discovered and from which to get carried away, understanding that the heart of Western civilization is, by many ways, the heart of civilization and just, because of its multicultural nature and a true melting pot of a humanity so different and yet so similar, if you manage to go beyond appearances.

Upon arrival in NY, the first and most important advice is to enjoy it to the end, to do many things as possible, and not to aim for a relaxing holiday. You probably will come back more tired than before, partly because of jet lag, but it is worth it to never miss a moment of this experience, wandering around and trying to find out everything with curiosity and without fear.

Despite the idea that someone may have done, because of the imaginary city that comes to us from the TV series or movies, New York is a city where you can walk around peacefully, without fear of being harassed or robbed. While maintaining proper attention span and remaining vigilant, without exposing yourselves to unnecessary risks, the most visited known parts of NY are constantly monitored by the police and New Yorkers, in general, are friendly and kind people.

If you were in middle of the road, intent on checking a New York city map to figure how to get to the place you want, do not be surprised if some passerby will stop and offer you his own help to give you information and show you the best way to go. The peninsula is made up of incredible people from fitness freaks running in Central Park, the manager crossing the Financial District, the families who stroll through Greenwich Village on Sunday morning, or jazz fans looking for a place where to listen to the perfect background for this city.

I fell in love in New York by the second day, as I have traveled far and wide on foot and by subway, I lived through its streets and I are so impregnated his air that I could come back on the fly without having forgotten a corner of Manhattan! My New York was not museums, but life, perfumes, music, walks and rides in Central Park, breakfasts, and dinners in the local New Yorkers, shopping in flea markets. If, however, you want to savor the full New York atmosphere, try to walk as much as possible to reach the different areas of Manhattan, from the luxurious Upper West Side to the vibrant East Village.

While reiterating the concept that it is really nice to walk through the streets, among the people and with the heads facing up to admire the splendid architecture of the buildings and skyscrapers, I would also suggest moving on the subway to shorten the spaces and times for longer journeys. The weekly ticket is definitely the most comfortable, which can be purchased at any booth at the beginning of each station that will allow you to move far and wide for seven days thanks to a capillary network and very easy to use.

The excellent subway system, which flows above and below ground, will allow you to reach the attractions you are interested in quickly and easily and will help to make your trip to New York even more enjoyable.

Along with the subscription card, is also given a very clear map, crucial to disentangle among the many lines and stations. Taxis are numerous, and are located around the city for 24 hours and do not cost much. The taxi is also the best way to move up from JFK to Manhattan and vice versa. In addition to the convenience of arriving at your exact destination, this route has a fixed cost with no nasty surprises and routes just to inflate the bill.

Everything else, of course, is at your discretion. Whatever you like, you'll find it in New York. In my experience, of course, there are the fixed stages of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the MoMA and Metropolitan museums, which you can devote at least a whole day. Plan in advance as the museum network is so vast, that to visit all of them would need at least 2 or 3 days.

If you are planning a trip to New York, do not miss the neon lights of Times Square, the bustle of Union Square and the romantic tree lined avenues of Central Park. The trendy and artistic neighborhood of Brooklyn is another essential destination for New York for those who have booked a last minute trip to New York, as well as the solemn 9/11 Memorial, which stands on Ground Zero, once the site of the World Trade Center.

4th July in New York

For the USA, the most important celebration is that of 4th of July, the day when the thirteen British colonies declared their independence from the mother country after signing the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. Movies, novels, and paintings depict how this epic day in 1776 really changed the fate of not only of the States and of the United Kingdom, but also the whole world.

It is, therefore, no coincidence that even today, during Fourth of July, in all the cities of the American confederation, celebrations are organized. Our travel through the events of 4th July in the US can only start from New York.


By tradition, especially as this festival falls in the middle of summer, the Americans celebrate the 4th of July with a nice barbecue or an outdoor picnic. Hence all the parks of New York are crowded with groups of families and friends who dine with friends, singing out loud the national anthem. The festive atmosphere is palpable, and it's hard not to feel involved even if we are just tourists. In addition to the parks, the beaches of New York are among the favorite destinations for the July 4th BBQ. Maybe it's an excellent opportunity to visit them.

On the beach, at Coney Island, there is a reason to go there. One of the main events for the 4th of July in New York is the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest to eat the maximum hot dogs in 10 minutes. The defending champion has eaten 62! If you want to taste the famous Nathan's hot dog I remind you that there are also some points in Manhattan. In the evening the party continues to Coney Island with beach parties and fireworks, although the bigger and more beautiful fireworks show is organized by Macy's near East River.


The most awaited event is the Macy's 4th of July Fireworks. The reputation of the quality of entertainment offered by Macy's is legendary with international artists, soundtracks, and fireworks of the highest quality. The show starts around at 9.25 pm and takes about half an hour! The fireworks are launched from barges placed in different points of the East River near the Brooklyn Bridge, and between the 24th and 41st Street in midtown Manhattan, creating a very unique and exciting effect.

The only negative note is that given the importance and the beauty of the event, a lot of people flock to the best vantage points early in the afternoon. There are concerts by famous artists and there's plenty to drink and eat. Certainly, you can commit several hours of your vacation. These are the best location from where to see the fireworks of July 4:

Brooklyn Bridge Park has the wonderful view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River. South Street Seaport in Manhattan is a great vantage point. Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights Promenade is perfect. Fornino's Rooftop is a special place which often organizes paid parties for the occasion. Grand Ferry Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is slightly further away from the center of the celebrations but is less crowded.

East River State Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is another very popular park to see the fireworks of July 4.

July 4th in Washington DC

The calendar of events of July 4 at Washington is particularly intense, thanks to the institutional and historical role of the city. In fact, here are organized both historical/cultural events with entertainment for families.

Among the first, the National Archives definitely deserves a special mention where was proclaimed the Declaration of Independence and where a costumed re-enactment of the American Revolution is organized. Many other initiatives wink families on Constitution Avenue between 7th Street and 17th Street, from 11.45. There is the pompous and spectacular National Independence Day Parade with antique vehicles, majorettes, marching bands and veterans who, in a harmonious composition celebrate the birth of the US.

When traveling with children, remember the opportunity to spend some leisure at Georgetown Waterfront Park that at Canal Park is an excellent city park. To relax in the evening, from 8, is scheduled a concert at the National Symphony Orchestra on the West Lawn of the US Capitol, where an exciting prelude to the fireworks is held on the National Mall.

July 4th in Boston

Boston played a key role in the American Revolution. In addition to the solemn ceremony of raising the flag and laying wreaths at the City Hall Plaza, there are parades to the Granary Burial Ground, with an homage to the graves of patriots, and continue to the Old State House. Here, at 10, there is the reading of the original version of the Declaration of Independence. Immerse yourselves in the shoes of the citizens who, in those days, lived glorious and epic moments.

In the evening (at 8.30 at the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade), there is held the long-awaited concert by the Boston Pops Orchestra with free admission, followed by fireworks on the Charles River. It is an excellent spot to view along Memorial Drive, Cambridge side by side Charles River.

July 4th in San Francisco

If, however, you are in San Francisco on the 4th of July, the waterfront will be the point of attraction. In the evening the inevitable fireworks enliven the dark of the night and one of the best vantage points is the Municipal Pier. The start is scheduled at 9:30, and the duration is about 30 minutes. All day at Pier 39 interesting activities is planned.

July 4 in Miami

Not even the carefree Miami escapes the Birthday Celebration obligations of States. The highlight is the fireworks that are organized in the evening of 4 July.

At Miami Beach, North Shore Bandshell Park on 73rd Street and Collins Avenue, all day Fire in the Fourth Festival animates the area from 11 to 9 pm with trucks with food, entertainment, music and live concerts. True to the American tradition, Key Biscayne at 11 organizes the annual Fourth of July Parade, along Crandon Boulevard, starting from Harbor Drive and ending in West Enid. After the passage of wagons, cars and party bands are all invited to the big Green Village picnic.

You can spend at Bayfront Park, where from 12 to 12 midnight, there is play areas for children, live music, wine tasting and entertainment for everyone.

July 4th in Los Angeles

The fireworks light up even the sky of Los Angeles. On one side is the pure relaxation with sun, sea and sands and on the other hand, we can watch the parade held in Palisades along Sunset Boulevard, between Via de la Paz and Drummond with the presence of parading dressed as paratroopers or we can all make a leap to Americafest that is held at the Rose Bowl, where a mix of proposals from children's games to motorcycles are held.

For everyone, there will be no more worthy conclusion of the parties held in Grand Park with concerts and food truck.

July 4th in Philadelphia

Celebrating for a single day may not be enough. So Philadelphia dedicates an entire week to America's Birthday. This is the spirit in which Philadelphia celebrates the 4th of July.

On June 27, the Benjamin Franklin Museum is open free of charge. On June 29 it is the turn of the Rodin Museum while June 30 at the National Constitution Center. On July 1, in Delaware River waterfront, the Philadelphia Orchestra holds a free concert, followed by a fireworks display. July 2 is the turn of the US Army Band in Great Plaza to perform.

The grand finale of the celebrations on July 4 is the official ceremony at Independence Hall where the animated reading of the Declaration of Independence is very impressive. Here is held historic Philadelphia parade with costumes and music bands. For families, it will be interesting to spend a few hours at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, where, at 10, are scheduled children's activities, such as workshops, concerts, and cultural workshops.

Also on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, you can participate in the Wawa Welcome America July 4th Concert.

Finally, the sky in Philadelphia is colored with fireworks, making the surroundings of the Philadelphia Museum of Art lively and glamorous.

Tips for visiting the Statue of Liberty

Some like it, some will be disappointed. The view is not great. The real problem is that you have to buy tickets months in advance. Because there is limited seating. There are 377 steps to climb and you can not carry bags in tow. You must be in good physical shape because it is like climbing twenty floors of a building.

Tickets for the Statue of Liberty can only be booked online and the same applies if you want to buy the entrance to the museum, where there is an original torch. If you just want a boat to reach the island you can also buy it on the spot with the boarding ticket at Battery Park.

You should go early in the morning, to avoid the long queues that can be found especially in high season to get on the ferry. Sometimes it can take even an hour in a row at peak times. Consider that it will be very hot or very cold because that is the climate of New York. The last ferry leaves at 3 in the afternoon, but I recommend getting the first in 8 in the morning. Remember that the card also includes a visit to Ellis Island, and for both, it will take 4 or 5 hours in total. If you are too late it will be impossible to visit Ellis Island.

Even the disabled can have access to vessels, and the staff is ready to help. Consider that this attraction is included in both the CityPass and in the New York Pass. There are audio tours available if you are interested in the history of the most famous statue in the world. If you do not want to land on the island, remember that you can catch the free ferry for commuters. The Staten Island Ferry or the various cruises that pass in front of the Statue without stopping.

The Statue of Liberty stands on the harbor, a beacon of hope for millions of immigrants fleeing war and famine in the late nineteenth century, and continues to symbolize freedom and the infinite possibilities of the Big Apple, which each year attracts droves of dreamers looking for a new beginning. And the lucky tourists who travel to New York will experience the same emotions once landed in the city that never sleeps.

Divided into five districts or boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island, New York has more than 8 million inhabitants and an enviable cultural mix. If you have purchased one of the many cheap holidays to New York, you can enjoy exploring the wide variety of cuisines and cultures around the world, which often focus on certain areas of the city.

New York does not only accept but celebrate this diversity, which you can find in the African-American music in Harlem or in the Jewish neighborhoods of Borough Park, Brooklyn, where resides one of the largest communities of Orthodox Jews outside of Israel.

The top places to visit include the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, to commune with nature, in the heart of a metropolis and understand the American way of life, and the gospel in a church in Harlem on Sunday. At Midtown East, you will find the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center, to admire breathtaking views of the city from above, maybe better to go on the first night. And on the second day, visit the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Terminal and the New York Public Library. If this is your first time in New York, do not be afraid of getting lost. The road system of the city is really simple, and New Yorkers are always available to provide guidance to the tourists.

Then there is the Trump Tower, with its beautiful outdoor facilities and the lobby, the Grand Central Station, the Flatiron Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, beautiful to go back toward Manhattan at sunset, to enjoy the view and the skyline of the Big Apple with both the daylight atmosphere with unparalleled night, Chinatown, the World Trade Center and the Museum, the Twin Tower, the Wall Street district, the little-known but wonderful High Line, which make a nice walk, the aforementioned Times Square and the theater district on Broadway, but among many neighborhoods, each with its own peculiarities and its own identity you'll really be spoiled for choice!

And then, my New York was also largely made of food. In terms of food, NY offers just about anything. The food around the world lives together side by side in this metropolis. You can find Chinese, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian, French, pretty much everything. Beyond the infamous junk food, with which you can still survive quietly for a week between sandwiches, fries, hot dog and hamburgers, fried chicken, donuts and so on.

In the city, there are restaurants of all kinds, for all tastes and budgets with fast food chains like the legendary Starbucks and Kentucky Fried Chicken to satisfy one's appetite. Not to mention the thousands of street vendors around the streets. Be ready to quench your thirst with iced drinks or feed yourself with impromptu sandwiches as you will not have trouble finding them, and are everywhere. If you do not see them just follow the smell that hangs constantly on the roads!

In addition, it will be the frenetic life or the lack of a real food culture, but in this city, there are many supermarkets and gourmet markets in which you can find any dish you want to eat readily. Imagine then the ingredients that they may contain, ingredients they use and the wholesomeness of what families eat every day.

Finally, If you feel like enjoying a musical, there is the Metropolitan Opera, to the Broadway stage, and not to forget the Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side. But if you have not targeted one particular performance and want to spend less, buy resale tickets at least twenty minutes before the opening and you will find the tickets of the best-known shows at 50% off, but not the most recent ones which are consistently sold out.

However, if you are passionate about sports and you are in New York during the right period of the year, you cannot miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in American culture going to see a baseball game of the Yankees in gigantic Yankee Stadium in the Bronx or a basketball game of the Knicks at the legendary Madison Square Garden.

Finally, if you really want proof that New York is the city that never sleeps, you have to head to its thousands of bars and clubs, which are open till late at night.

In 1977, it was the city of the American big Apple to launch the slogan, I love NY, and from there followed all the cities of the world, without exception. It may seem like a small thing but it is not. This message is, in fact, the territory it wishes to concretely express their affection both to the people who live there than to its guests, tourists, and visitors. A new campaign, then, that operate via the web, on social networks and through a new and colorful line of t-shirts which are reported in large messages.

They call it the capital of the world, but perhaps it would be more correct to call New York the world in a capital city. More than the fact that its economic power that strikes during a trip to New York is the variety of cultures that live there, each with its own customs, habits, and colors. New York brings together the best of art, design, architecture, and music from all over the world, and it is for this reason that during a trip to New York everyone can build a perfect vacation by simply following their own passions and interests.

If you are planning a trip to New York, this collection of information will be useful to do it better. If you do not love to DIY yourself, we'll take care to find the best solutions for you. It seems almost needless to say, but first of all, you have to think about air travel and the lodging. Of course, you can do it online, even when using a prepaid card instead of a credit card.

Last Minute Flight to New York

Flying to Manhattan is cheap. If you count the hours flown for the cost of airline tickets, you'll see that it's one of the cheapest destinations that you can reach. Monitoring the sites of Delta, American Airlines, and Virgin along with countless others, you can discover that a flight to New York can cost less than 30000 INR per person;

Where to stay in New York

Manhattan can be reached easily on foot or by subway, but in our opinion, the most comfortable areas where you can find the hotel or apartment are in Midtown, the Upper East Side, and Upper West Side. Neighboring areas, namely West Village, East Village and just above Central Park neighborhood are also ideal, but if you stay for a few nights, we advise you to bypass zones of Lower Manhattan and the Upper Manhattan, because you can lose a bit of time each day to reach the heart of the city.

How much does a hotel in New York cost

The price always depends on what you are looking for. With about 10000 INR per night, you can get slightly off-center hotels, while if you want to stay in Midtown, allow at least 12000 INR per night for a double room. Book well in advance on the various search engines to look for hotel deals, discounts and choose the accommodation based on the reviews, but the costs of the hotel are never particularly convenient.

A good alternative to hotels are the apartments on offer because it turned out to be the most convenient and economical solution. The possibilities and offers are endless. Just surf the web to find everything. The choice turned out to be very good for my needs, but you can choose a room in a hotel or an apartment for rent.

I feel I can just give a couple of tips about it. If you have the opportunity to plan your trip well in advance, book early as possible and do not hesitate too much, because the offers are vast, but it is also the question, therefore, something available today may not be tomorrow. In addition, it's better to spend a few dollars more and be much closer to the center, not to lose time on transportation and settle right in the heart of the city and will be money well spent.

How to get from New York airport to city

New York City is served by three airports: JFK, Laguardia and Newark, and every airport are connected by public transport to Manhattan.

How much is insurance in New York

Reaching the United States without health insurance is reckless.

How long does an ESTA last

For starting, of course, you will require a valid passport for travel abroad, visa and ESTA, an acronym for Electronic System for Travel Authorization, which can be obtained in a few minutes filling in the various fields in the online form and you must have at hand a credit or a prepaid card. The ESTA is a document that you have to fill before traveling to any destination in the United States. Until a few years ago was free, now it costs $ 14 per person and is valid for two years.

What to see in New York

This chapter could not finish ever, and this is why we have selected the 10 things to do in New York that is particularly suitable if it is the first or second time you reach the city for just 1 day, 2 days or 3 days. Every week there are events for everyone and if you want to stay up to date, check out the most interesting sites for those traveling to the Big Apple. To visit a lot of attractions and save a lot on tickets, we suggest you evaluate the Passes, a convenient card for attractions. And after spending a whole day walking around the city, relaxing in one of the 5 bars with views of Manhattan will leave you speechless!

It is always possible and advisable to carry out a whole series of reservations that will help you better plan your stay and save you time. For example, if you're a music lover and want to attend a concert, you can check the availability and book directly via the web, and then pick up your ticket on the spot. The US organization is impeccable and presenting a print of your reservation and cash in the evening of the event, you will have your tickets in your way.

If, as a must, you'll want to visit the many sights of NYC, then you cannot miss the opportunity to book in advance one of the cards that offer access to the main monuments and museums. This too can be bought via the Internet and then retire in a few moments at Planet Hollywood in Times Square or go to the square first. When you arrive in the city, it is probably the best impact possible with the city as you know the definition given in NY of the city that never sleeps. Actually, you have no idea what it means until you go live in Times Square, at any time of day or night.

Finally, to make the most of a holiday of this type, with the endless amount of interesting things to do and must-see places to see, prior planning is absolutely necessary. The best thing is probably to plan ahead each day, leaving home in the morning aiming to squeeze the most from a single area of the city, then move on to another area the next day. I used as a base the information in the guide dedicated to NY, which was really useful, clear and well crafted, offering a range of guidance and valuable advice, in addition to well-designed itineraries and practicable by anyone who is not afraid of walking!

Starting an adventure, without a New York travel guide would be counter-productive as the city is so vast and full of attractions, that in jumping from one point to another without a precise idea, the holiday will be too short to see everything and you will be back in your home with many regrets.

Spending the Valentine's day and New Year's Eve in New York is like a film shooting and in fact it is probably the only city that boasts precisely a film dedicated to this event, in whose plot intertwine the stories of various characters, with one common denominator of the Ball Drop in Times Square at midnight. In this article, you can find all the information so that the star cast of the New Year in New York includes you!

New Year's Eve in New York is a dream that sooner or later in life, must become a reality and the first thought can only go to Times Square and its sphere that, since 1907, draws upon itself the attention of at least one million people. During that minute where the ball will fall, people in the square express wishes of love and health, happiness and well-being.

Before talking about how to spend the evening of February 14 and December 31 it is necessary to get to New York! Many people ask me if they should wait and book a last minute trip. Absolutely not! The last minute travel is a great thing for the vacation packages that remain unsold, especially for the low season. But the New Year's Eve is a period of the high season, so you need to book as soon as possible the flights and the hotels because as we approach the fateful date, the only flights and accommodation that we will find will inevitably be the most expensive.

What to expect in the New Year's Eve in Times Square

To witness this spectacular event and get good seats, you have to get to Times Square since the early afternoon, if not earlier. It's definitely not the most comfortable solution, thronged with people, in the cold of December, the lack of bathrooms and food vendors. Harsh conditions that are still rewarded to those who resist to the end with an event that has no comparison with the 18 biggest names in international music entertain the crowd, in a crescendo of adrenaline rush until 23:59 when the New Year's Eve Ball begins the rapid descent till 00:00 lights. Fireworks and bright colors light the square in the first minutes of 2017.

Participation in the New Year in Times Square is absolutely free! There are no tickets or passes. Many often get confused with the pass which is released from the hotels that are located in the area cordoned off to its guests, in order to access even after the closure of roads. Same thing goes for the restaurants located in the area off-limits and even these local passes are to be shown to the agents of the NYPD.

If you do not want to miss the party in Times Square, but cannot be bothered to spend all those hours standing, or you will be in New York with children, there are dozens of places in the Times Square area that allow you to comfortably enjoy the view of the Ball Drop that drops at midnight.

The New Year's Eve in Times Square is undoubtedly the most famous event in New York on New Year's Eve, among the waiting conditions, the security protocols to be observed and the crowd of people, the magic might be blurred. For this, my advice is to evaluate alternatives. One of my favorites is undoubtedly a nice cruise in the bay of New York that provides spectacular views of the city lit up by fireworks, without giving up the drink and delicious musical entertainment.

If your choice falls on a more relaxed and elegant New Year's Eve, then World Trade Center One (Freedom Tower) is for you. It does not happen every year to celebrate the arrival of the new year on the tallest skyscraper in New York. The costs are not exactly cheap starting from $ 500 per person but definitely is worth it. The festivities include live musical entertainment with a DJ, appetizers served from 9 to 11 PM, and from 11 to midnight, cakes and chilled champagne are served to celebrate the new year.

New Year's Eve in Central Park

New Year's Eve is synonymous with Times Square, but not limited to as the proposals of the Big Apple are so many, all very interesting, suitable for all ages and all tastes. Continuing the theme of fireworks and very popular is the frame of Central Park, which begins at midnight fireworks show that lasts about 15 minutes. The fireworks have been launched from the Naumburg Bandshell area (entrance between the 69th and 72nd East Side of Central Park).

The climate is much more relaxed than that of Times Square and there are undoubtedly fewer crowds. A good idea might be a dinner before midnight in one of the many restaurants nearby for those unwilling to give up a great dinner, and then close the new year heading to the park.

New Year in Prospect Park

Not only Manhattan celebrates the new year. Even in Brooklyn overlooking the famous Prospect Park, you will be able to watch the fireworks. The best locations are to attend Grand Army Plaza from where the fireworks start) and along West Drive inside the park. Celebrating the New Year outdoors is always special, but get ready to deal with very low temperatures. The Big Apple obviously offers plenty of ways to celebrate New Year's Eve also indoors and there you will be spoiled for choice.

Finally, before the festivities, a particularly popular tradition is the concert (1984) in St. John the Divine (from 7 to 9 PM) with a wish for peace and hope for the new year, accompanied by a very intimate and warm, make the very impressive Cathedral.

In no time at all, we will be already in New Year and an unexpected drops in the early hours of the morning calm after a solitary, all the more romantic stroll through the festively decorated shop windows or even asleep nocturnal antics parks, we can see (in the first afternoon) the courage of swimmers who, as every first year, they dive into the ocean in Coney Island or sensitivity of over 140 poets in St. Mark's Church in the Bowery recite their verses.

Unique and inimitable, the New Year in New York is something inexplicable in words. The only way to appreciate it is to be there!

Christmas in New York

If you want to experience the magic of this period, but you want to spend less or simply prefer another term, my advice is to go and spend Christmas in New York. Prices of flights and hotels are much cheaper than the New Year, the magic of the lights makes it even more special the city and certainly, New York is more livable. The famous tree at Rockefeller Center is lit on November 30 until January 7 to admire the most famous Christmas tree in the world.

Useful tips for December 31 at Times Square

The Ball Drop and the festival are visible from the 43rd to 50th on Broadway and up to 59th on 7th Avenue. The closure of roads begins at around 3 PM starting from the 43rd. Every year there is an area designated for the disabled. The best way to get to Times Square is with metro, but it is definitely advisable to avoid the station on 42nd because it is too crowded. It is not possible at the end of dinner at a restaurant close to Times Square, to go out into the street and stand on the sidewalks or in the emergency lane to watch the festivities. You cannot drink alcohol in the street. Forget fashion clothes and just dress in a warm and comfortable way.