Sunday, May 7, 2017

My Glamorous Mom

As an Indian, I would say in India, we remember and honor our mothers every day, not just one day a year. As mothers are never far from the heart and mind, Bollywood is a good place to go to see the evolving mothers with time, which for decades has worshiped its mother's. 'Mere Paas Maa Hai' still remains the most cited dialogues of Indian cinema and so Bollywood ke paas maa hai!

Usually the mothers we see on the screen have adorable smiles, soft and sweet voices, and eyes that reflect the sacrifices they have made for their children. Sometimes they are called mom or simply, maa.

My mom resembles somewhere between the very traditional, loving and caring Farida Jalal of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Dil To Pagal Hai or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kirron Kher, the most elegant mother of Indian cinema as seen in Om Shanti Om, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Khoobsurat and Dostana, who is often portrayed with a strong character and therefore intense and also tech savvy at times.

My mom has also evolved from a more traditional mom of the 80s, just like in movies, who were treated as goddesses, to the one who has also changed herself with times in the last few years just like in the new movies, where over time the new mothers are treated from a romantic point of view because they also have musical moments of happiness, where we see them happy, flirting with their husbands and family members and dance and sing at anniversary or wedding parties.

Just like in present day films, my mom now play the role of confidant and provide support, wherever I am, as she listens from her heart and encouraged me to fight for my love, to get a job that my heart preferred and also to leave the family home, whenever I wanted due to my work demands or travel. We have no inhibitions, we listen to each other attentively and without bias. The understanding is mutual and so I love her dearly, with no end.

Mom has always been close, and adore me as a friend. She is an extraordinary woman who know how to demonstrate an unparalleled loyalty, affection and attachment to me. She is also my guardian angel, who prefers to hide her feelings, so as not to leave the bitterness that shine through the ordeals of the day. Even at present I have been staying in a city far from my home for my job requirements, without her complaining about it.

Mom does not spare me in giving advice, in making good assessments on facts and my behaviour, reassures me and urges me to look forward always with a positive attitude and hope. I reciprocate her affection with the same enthusiasm, putting the centre of attention with calibrated gallantry. There were times when I did not understand, and only now I understand that whatever she did, everything she did was for me. She said Yes, as often as possible, but she was also not afraid to tell me No.

Mom never forgets to greet me for my birthday, to call a few hours before the start of the New Year or at any special occasion. Each year, mom and me exchange gifts during birthdays, and each time there is a party at home, we chat while sipping coffee in our living room or in front of the fireplace. Not wanting to miss anything, she has a strong sense of duty. And I thank her for her generosity and her boundless goodness.

She is endowed with great artistic talent. She loves to make gift boxes with ribbons and flowers. They are true works of art. She decorates the table with the best services, napkins with floral patterns, and offers me good hot and cold drinks and biscuits. She pampers me with important items purchased from shops, which are sometimes disproportionate to the economic value of my gifts. But it is like that. She is very good in understanding my preferences. She is generous and spares no expense.

Just like in present day films, she also dresses better and have left behind the traditional cotton saris and now prefer classy sarees with elaborate designs. Mom has a delicate and elegant demeanour. She taught me to never transcend into vulgar acts and be provocative. Her style is unmistakable with the brightly coloured saris from exquisite stores and a hairstyle that is always taken care of.

She has turned me into a man, who is able to express himself and his emotions, without fear of being considered weak by others. She made me become a man, who is able to fully love and respect women. The best thing to have her as a mom is that I'm still learning from her every single day. She is confident, reliable and careful.

She has always been proud of me, who enjoyed my successes and accepted my failures. She has always driven me to follow my dreams and to overcome obstacles. She always believed in me, even at times when even I didn’t believe in myself. She has always been my supporter and my rock. She is the first person I go when times are tough and I need to be reassured. In short, my mom's love helps me overcomes all difficulties.

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